Carbonless Paper

  • 2022-02-21

1. Introduction of carbon-free paper

There are positive and generous specifications, but there are upper paper, middle paper and lower paper, and the paper price is different.

 This paper is not significantly different from ordinary paper in appearance, but it can be duplicated to produce the same effect as blue carbon paper, and does not stain fingers and clothes, and is more convenient for hygiene. Since the manufacture of this paper does not use carbon carbon composition, it is named (carbon-free carbon paper), referred to as carbon-free paper.

 When using documents printed by carbon-free paper, they are generally equipped with a small piece of cardboard separated from the joint order, so as not to write too much force and cause other joint orders to be copied to the bottom!

 Carbon-free carbon paper does not need to use waxed carbon paper, and can also be copied without waxed carbon paper, because of the coating of chemicals. Multiple pages of carbon-free paper stacked together can be printed or penned to copy multiple documents in one format. It is easy to clean, and can also be made into perforated vacancy computer printing paper, to achieve efficient continuous printing copy, the production of carbon-free paper base paper is very important.

2.Carbon-free paper principle

Carbon-free paper is divided into upper paper, middle paper and lower paper. On the next side of the upper and middle pages, a certain drug is applied, and on the upper side of the middle and next pages, another chemical is applied. After combining in the order of the upper, middle and lower pages, when affected by the impact of the printing needle or the pressure of the pen tip, two different drugs will meet and show wonderful trace to achieve the purpose of copying.

The upper page is called CB paper, and only the next side is coated with CB drugs and is called CB surface; The next page is called CF paper, and only one side is coated with CF drugs and is called CF surface; The middle page paper is called CFB paper, and the upper side is coated with CF side and the lower side is coated with CB side. Very important when dyeing carbon-free paper, CB drug is a coating containing capsules, binders and additives. The capsule size is only 3~7, the shell is made of resin, and the interior is covered with solvent oil containing colorless dye. When the capsule is destroyed by external force, the dye oil will flow out, if the CB surface is attached to the CF surface, the carbon-free carbon paper will flow to the CF surface to make the CF drug wonderful, CF drug is a coating containing color developing agent, binder, additives, color developing agent is mainly some resins and active clay.

Carbon-free paper is roughly divided into five colors; White/red/blue/green/yellow and other five colors, to distinguish the role of joint single!

Presumably now you also have a certain understanding of carbon-free paper, if you need, please contact us, we are the most professional carbonless manufacturer in China.

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