Leather Grain Paper

  • 2023-09-08

Leather Grain Paper



(1) Convenient binding, economical and convenient, beautiful and elegant, environmentally friendly and pollution-free;

(2) There are multiple colors to choose from for file classification management;

(3) It can also be equipped with binding rubber rings, binding clips, and binding iron rings, which is more conducive to document protection, classification management, and increased aesthetics;

(4) Imported wood pulp raw materials are not easily brittle, yellowed, or wrinkled, making it easy to store for a long time; 

(5) Clear grain, multiple color options, and customizable other weights.



Leather paper has a wide range of uses due to its high cost-effectiveness and unique material. Thick grams are suitable for making sample covers, bidding documents, business cards, handmade paper materials, etc., while thin grams are suitable for making gift packaging and binding covers.

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