Self-adhesive Labels

  • 2022-02-21

Self-adhesive labels are also called post-it notes, self-adhesive labels. It is a kind of composite material with paper, film or special material as the surface, the back is coated with adhesive, and the silicon protective paper as the base paper.

Because the surface material needs to accept the printed text, it needs to have good inking. According to the different transportation and use environment, it is necessary to choose the corresponding performance of the adhesive. The self-adhesive material suitable for the product packaging material and the use environment is printed and die-cut, sliced or rewound, and finally becomes the self-adhesive label used in the market.

Self-adhesive is generally composed of three parts, according to the actual functional subdivision, self-adhesive is composed of seven parts.

1. Surface coating (changing surface properties such as: tension, color, protective layer, etc.) 

2. Surface 

3. Coating base (protects the surface material, increases light permeability, increases bonding, prevents penetration) 

4. Adhesive (roughly divided into permanent and removable) 

5. Release coating layer (prevents adhesive from sticking to the backing paper) 

6. Backing paper (accepts release coating and protects the surface material) 

7. Back painting/back printing (trademark design can be printed to promote anti-counterfeiting)

Basic paper refers to the general tear, no waterproof, if you want to increase the performance of waterproof and antifouling, you need to be on the surface of the film, oil and other processing technology.

Basic paper can be divided into three categories:

① Coated paper

Coated paper is used most frequently in self-adhesive labels and is widely used in various products/packaging.

Coated paper is made of white paint on the surface of the base paper and formed by super calendering. It is often divided into one side and two sides. According to the gram weight can be divided into ordinary coated paper and light coated paper. Compared with ordinary coated paper, lightweight paper has good texture and thickness, high folding resistance, high opacity, printing adaptability and good original reduction after printing.


② Writing paper

Also known as rough paper, matte paper. The surface material has good ink absorption, widely used in the field of industrial and commercial labels, due to the rough surface, low gloss, suitable for laser, suitable for rotating and tensioning processing.

     ③ Art paper

Art paper self-adhesive by special paper processing equipment and technology, processed into the finished paper has a rich color and unique grain. The emergence of art paper comes from people's increasing demand for design aesthetics. It has rich texture, caters to the trend of modern aesthetics, and is widely used in commodity packaging, which greatly enriches the form of paper design.


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