The Distinction Between Cup paper And White Cardboard

  • 2024-06-17

1. The difference between cup paper and white cardboard

Cup paper is a special kind of paper, which generally uses dwarf fiber wood pulp as raw material and is processed by a special production process. Cup paper has good water resistance and oil resistance, so it is usually used to make food packaging, such as paper cups, paper bowls, etc., which are common in fast food restaurants.

White cardboard is a more conventional white paper, which is mainly made of wood pulp and has excellent strength, hardness and smoothness. Therefore, white cardboard is often used to make some handicrafts, stationery and other goods, as well as cardboard, postcards and other types of products.

2.The use of cup paper and white cardboard
Cup paper is mainly used in various food packaging in the catering industry, such as takeaway cartons, paper cups, etc. Because the cup paper has been specially processed, it has good water resistance and oil resistance, so it is suitable for holding all kinds of greasy or water-based food.
White cardboard is widely used to make cardboard, postcards, cards, etc. Its smoothness and strength are very good, and it will be whitened to look very neat and beautiful, so it is very suitable for various occasions such as brand promotion and product introduction.

3.The environmental protection of cup paper and white cardboard
As a material used for food packaging, the environmental friendliness of cup paper has attracted much attention. At present, many consumers believe that it is better to use food packaging paper with degradable and environmentally friendly materials, which can reduce the impact on the environment.
White cardboard also has certain environmental advantages, because it can be recycled, and it can reduce the harm to the environment through a series of environmentally friendly processes.

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