Copy Paper Specifications, Functional Use Summary

  • 2023-08-21

The specifications of copy paper are divided into 13 types:

8K, 16K, F4, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, B6 copy paper.

8K Copy Paper

Size: 270x390mm

Functional use: The use of 8K copy paper relative to A3, A4 this common paper, is relatively less used, generally used for design drawings printing, draft paper, painting and so on.

16K Copy Paper

Size: 270x195mm, the size of 16k paper is half of 8K paper

8K and 16k copy paper is generally only used in China, 16k paper is very close to the size of A4 paper.

F4 Copy Paper

Size: 216x279mm

F4 copy paper is also called American A4, and A4 copy paper size is similar, but not commonly used, before buying must confirm the specific size, so as not to buy wrong.

A0 Copy Paper

Size: 841x1189mm

Function: As a very large format A0 copy paper, mainly used for mechanical architectural drawing, engineering drawing, is a kind of color lead drawing paper.

A1 Copy Paper

Size: 594x840mm

Functional use: A1 copy paper format is large, its function is the same as A0, mainly used for mechanical building drawing, engineering drawing, less use.

A2 Copy Paper

Size: 594x420mm, half of A1 copy paper.

The size of A2 copy paper is just half of A1, mainly used for mechanical architectural drawing, engineering drawing, or promotional page printing.

A3 Copy Paper

Size: 297x420mm, half of A2 copy paper.

The size of A3 copy paper is just half that of A2, which is generally used for small drawing and is used more in copy shops.

A4 Copy Paper

Size: 210x297mm, half of A3 copy paper.

Functional use: As the most commonly used office copy paper, it has a wide range of functional uses, such as printing and copying of office documents, promotional materials, contracts, etc., and is usually used as draft paper.

A5 Copy Paper

Size: 148x210mm

Function: Mainly used for nameplate, table, card and so on.

A6 Copy Paper:

Size: 105x148mm, half the size of A5 copy paper

Function: To be used for name badge, business card, card and so on.

B4 Copy Paper

Size: 257x364mm

Functional use: Mainly used in schools, for paper printing, data copying and so on.

B5 Copy Paper

Size: 182x257mm, half of B4 copy paper

Functional use: Often used in schools to produce books, notebooks and students' papers, papers and so on.

B6 Copy Paper

Size: 128x257mm.

Functional use: Similar to the use of B4 and B5, it is also used for printing school papers, and the production of commonly used note-book.

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