Thermal paper

  • 2024-05-09

Thermal paper, also known as heat-sensitive paper, is a specialized type of printable material that exhibits unique properties. It is widely used in various applications, particularly in situations where information is to be displayed or erased in response to heat or temperature changes.


The core of thermal paper consists of a thin layer of heat-sensitive dyes, typically silver halides or organic pigments, embedded in a cellulose-based substrate. These dyes respond to heat, either by developing an image or by fading when heated, depending on the chemical composition.

When printed on, the heat from the printer causes the heat-sensitive inks to change color, creating a permanent mark. In the absence of heat, the paper appears blank or with a lighter shade. This process is non-erasable, making thermal paper suitable for applications like receipts, temperature labels, and some types of medical records.


Thermal paper can be divided into ordinary thermal paper and three proof thermal paper. Three proof thermal paper is coated with a protective layer on the thermal color layer, which makes the three proof thermal paper have better waterproof, oil resistant, and wear-resistant properties. It is mainly used in the high-end market.


One advantage of thermal paper is its ability to produce a high-quality, glossy finish without the need for ink. It is also environmentally friendly, as it does not require toner or ink cartridges, reducing waste. However, it is important to handle and store thermal paper in cool conditions to prevent unintended image formation.


The use of thermal paper mainly includes the following aspects: fax machines, communication, medical, memory systems, such as electrocardiographs, thermal instruments, computer network terminal printing, trademarks, signatures (POS), etc. With the rapid development of information technology, ticket printer technology and barcode technology have been widely applied.


In summary, thermal paper is an innovative and versatile material that leverages heat to create or erase images, making it a practical choice for various industries where time-sensitive or temperature-responsive printing is needed.

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